Playful and feminine home office goes girly glam

Playful and feminine home office goes girly glam

This home office goes girly glam Author: Tracey Ayton


Playful and feminine home office goes girly glam

A girly glam home office with the perfect mix of functional and decorative decor.

Rashell Gouwenberg wanted a room of her own when she and her husband built their 3,400-square-foot home on five acres of land outside Fort Langley, B.C., four years ago. So in her 10-by-12-foot second-floor office, with the help of Leah Balderson of Vancouver’s , she deviated from the more subtle neutrals incorporated throughout the rest of the house and went all out. (At the time, Rashell was working in sales and marketing for a Vancouver developer, but she now co-owns the popular housewares store with Leah.) “I wanted to have fun,” says Rashell. “That’s why I picked such a bold wallpaper. And the glammy antelope head was definitely the starting point. It’s so cool and unexpected.”


The look
Playful and feminine

The decorating idea
A mirror-mosaic antelope head serves as a glitzy statement piece, while colourful wallpaper creates a dramatic focal point in the space.





The high-low mix
1 HIGH The chic mirror-mosaic antelope head was the jumping-off point for the room’s fun, feminine look.
2 HIGH Covering two walls, the vinyl designer wallpaper offers a burst of pretty pastel colour.
3 LOW Vintage brass bookends, which homeowner Rashell Gouwenberg found at an antiques shop, allude to her equestrian background and impart a personal touch.
4 HIGH The hammered-brass lamp pierced with quartz complements the room’s luxe vibe.
5 LOW Instead of buying a traditional large desk, Rashell used a less expensive clean-lined dining table. “Because there are built-ins in the closet for my books, printer and other items, I was able to have a desk without drawers,” she says.
6 LOW The chenille shag rug looks more luxurious than its price tag.


7 HIGH A set of textural snakeskin boxes provides accessible storage.


Get the look: Functional and decorative
1 Horseshoe bookend, , $150 US per pair.
2 Carl Robinson Edition 2 Brittania wallpaper in 11, , $20 per yard.
3 Lacquer storage boxes in White, , $195 per set of 2.







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Playful and feminine home office goes girly glam